All Alone In An Empty House - LP


anti-records - All Alone In An Empty House - LP
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Side A – 17:07

1. All Alone in an Empty House – 5:45

2. Walk Around the Lake – 2:58

3. Mvt. I Sketch – 3:12

4. Song for the Painter – 3:20

5. Wooden Walls of this Forest Church – 1:52

Side B – 20:47

1. Fireplace – 3:33

2. Love on My Side – 3:25

3. A Room where your Paintings Hang – 3:25

4. We Burn the Leaves – 2:45

5. Mvt. II Sketch – 5:36

6. For Leah and Chloe – 2:03

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Lost In The Trees merges the dramatic symphonic elements of classical music with the accessibility of American folk and modern pop, creating a sound that is simultaneously intimate and sonically ambitious. On their forthcoming album All Alone In An Empty House was co-produced by Scott Solter (St. Vincent, Mountain Goats, Okkervil River, John Vanderslice) who provides a sonic landscape in which classical and pop composition can co-exist with stirring results.


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