Massey Fucking Hall 2xLP (Black)

$32.99 Releases on Oct 2nd, 2020 

anti-records - Massey Fucking Hall 2xLP (Black)
Vinyl ($32.99)

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Japandroids – Massey Fucking Hall 2xLP (Black)

Track list:

Side A

  1. Near To The Wild Heart Of Life – Live
  2. Fire’s Highway – Live
  3. Heart Sweats – Live

Side B

  1. Arc Of Bar – Live
  2. Younger Us – Live
  3. North East South West – Live

Side C

  1. The Nights Of Wine And Roses – Live
  2. No Known Drink Or Drug – Live
  3. Continuous Thunder – Live

Side D

  1. Young Hearts Spark Fire – Live
  2. Sovereignty – Live
  3. The House That Heaven Built – Live

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