Tom Waits Waits-Corbijn 77-11 Book

IMAGE | Tom Waits - Waits-Corbijn 77-11 Book
DETAIL IMAGE | Tom Waits - Waits-Corbijn 77-11 BookDETAIL IMAGE | Tom Waits - Waits-Corbijn 77-11 BookDETAIL IMAGE | Tom Waits - Waits-Corbijn 77-11 BookDETAIL IMAGE | Tom Waits - Waits-Corbijn 77-11 BookDETAIL IMAGE | Tom Waits - Waits-Corbijn 77-11 Book
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WAITS/CORBIJN 77-11, a collectors edition linen slipcase book limited to 6,600 copies in the US and Europe by renowned German publisher Schirmer-Mosel. The coffee table art book not only features over 200 pages of Waits portraits taken by Corbijn over four decades, but also includes over 50 pages of the first published collection of musings and photographs taken by Waits himself.

Waits/Corbijn is the celebration of an artistic collaboration that reaches back more than 35 years, to those first black-and-white photographs of Tom Waits taken by a young and virtually unknown Anton Corbijn in

Holland in 1977. Corbijn would go on to acclaim for his iconic, enigmatic portraits of musicians and other artists from U2 and Miles Davis to Robert De Niro and Clint Eastwood to Damien Hirst and Gerhard Richteralso becoming a pioneer in music video and more recently, an award-winning director of feature films.

By 1977, Tom Waits was already known worldwide for a series of stunning, timeless albums, filled with songs of a noir-tinged Los Angeles that owed as much to writers like John Fante and Jack Kerouac as

it did to the jazz, blues, and tin-pan alley that had soaked into Waits pores from childhood. Ahead of Waits lay his partnership with Kathleen Brennanleading to such touchstone recordings as Rain Dogs and Mule Variations his film work with the likes of Francis Ford Coppola and Jim Jarmusch, and his stage projects with legendary director Robert Wilson. In

those first photographs, then, are the seeds of these two intertwined careers, feeding off each other. Waits vibrant persona helped Corbijn define his narrative, cinematic style of still photography: images that felt as if you were coming in on the middle of some unfolding drama. In turn, Corbijn helped Waits evolve his visual style into a new theatrical self that synced beautifully with the experimental music he was making with Brennan. And lead him to his own photography, collected here for the first time under the title Curiosities, a visual handle to the artistic intelligence millions of fans know only through his music. Photographs of Tom Waits by Anton Corbijn, photographs by Tom Waits of the vivid quotidian, stretching down through the years, and presented for the first time in a beautiful clothbound book; side by side, these 226 images record one of the longest and most fruitful collaborations in the careers of both artists.

The Waits-Corbijn ‘77-‘11 book also features additional forewards by Jim Jarmusch and Robert Christgau.

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Technical Specs:

Size: 10” x 14”

Number of pages: 272

Number of images: total 227


81 PAGESARE PHOTOGRAPHS AND MUSINGS BY TOM WAITS – 12 pages (texts and introduction)

Paper: 150 g/m Tatami White throughout

Endpapers: 140 g/m Colorplan plain Smoke

Binding: Halfcloth black, hardcover, sewn with a cover imprinted with duotone plus a varnish, colour embossing on the spine

Slipcase: Black cloth, 2 colours embossed. White cloth imprinted in

offset duotone

The book to be packed in a cardboard carton for protection during transit.


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