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Neko Case - Blacklisted - CD


anti-records - Neko Case - Blacklisted - CD
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  1. Things That Scare Me
  2. Deep Red Bells
  3. With Bees (Outro)
  4. Lady Pilot
  5. Tightly
  6. Look for Me (I’ll Be Around)
  7. Stinging Velvet
  8. Pretty Girls
  9. I Missed the Point
  10. Blacklisted
  11. I Wish I Was the Moon
  12. Runnin’ Out of Fools
  13. Ghost Wiring

Neko Case is as prolific as any rising singer/songwriter of our era. With one of the classic voices that receives as rave of reviews as the songs she sings, Case is still creating remarkable and genre-defying music. Her third album, Blacklisted, demonstrates how in 2002, case was destined to grow as a songwriter; penning most of the album all by herself. to both her heart and her head, and she had a fine ear for a melody to boot. Lyrically, this is a personal, dark and soulful experience that is as beautiful as it is lonely.

“Though her music suggests a more than casual acquaintance with loss, she admonishes, “Don’t you try and stop me/I cling tightly to this life.” Such passion serves Case well, allowing her to create truly hellbent music.“- Rolling Stone

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