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BR Recipe for Hate CD


Bad Religion - BR Recipe for Hate CD
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  1. Recipe For Hate
  2. Kerosene
  3. American Jesus
  4. Portrait Of Authority
  5. Man With A Mission
  6. All Good Soldiers
  7. Watch It Die
  8. Struck A Nerve
  9. My Poor Friend
  10. Lookin’ In
  11. Don’t Pray On Me
  12. Modern Day Catastrophists
  13. Skyscraper
  14. Stealth
  • After a decade of changing the face of punk music, Bad Religion’s Recipe For Hate is still considered by some to be the band’s most ambitious album-which is staggering considering the climate in which it came out. Featuring the songs “American Jesus” and “Recipe For Hate” which are still staples in the band’s set today, the band was still punk as fuck, but with the inclusion of a more rock and song-driven writing style, complete with slide guitar and a more overt country and folk influence into the melodic So Cal punk mix, Bad Religion challenged you in 1993 just as they still do today.
  • Guest vocals by Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam).

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