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black-mask-studios - GODKILLER - Issue #3
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Creative Team: Matt Pizzolo, Anna Muckcracker Wieszczyk, Ben Templesmith

Guest Cover: Tim Seeley

Fallen gods, weaponized orgasms, sex-addicted technowizards, organ-stealing hookers, government conspiracies…

and a boy on a quest to save his sister.

The epic story of a boy’s quest to save his sister, GODKILLER is a twisted, sci-fi/horror adventure about 16 year old Tommy’s odyssey through a post-nuke wasteland (populated by fallen gods, organ-stealing hookers, and sex-addicted technowizards) as he searches for a new heart to save his dying sister. Debuting in 2008 as an experimental-animation by Matt Pizzolo and Anna Muckcracker Wieszczyk, the mix of unforgiving brutality, heartfelt earnestness, deep characterization, and visionary worldbuilding propelled Godkiller to become a beloved modern classic. Black Mask is proud to bring Godkiller to print for the first time.

Pizzolo describes the inspiration behind Godkiller as “a new mythology for fuck-ups and misfits. My goal with it is to present heroes that don’t behave heroically because it’s their job to maintain the status quo or because they’re bored and want to rescue a princess, they act heroically because they’re regular misfits who are trying to do the best they can for each other in an unjust, fucked-up world.”

“Naughty & twisted, creative & fresh… it’s like Johnny The Homicidal Maniac meets SAGA.” – Aint It Cool News

“Dares to get in your face and test your inhibitions. Flawless.” – Blood Disgusting

“A horrific yarn of apocalypse, quantum physics, culture jamming, and conspiracy theory.” – Wired

“A disgusting and filthy good time, it will push your limits.” – Multiversity Comics


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