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Transference Issue 1 Cover A


black-mask-studios - Transference Issue 1 Cover A
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Created by Michael Moreci & Ron Salas

Written by Michael Moreci

Art by Ron Salas

Colored by Tamra Bonvillain

Lettered by Jim Campbell

#1 street date 7/8


Colton Moss and his elite team of special agents run counter-terrorism operations utilizing a secret form of time travel technology called “transference,” which enables them to send their consciousnesses back in time – but, when Colton’s past is altered to reshape his life in the present, he discovers this technology isn’t as exclusive as he thought. Now Colton must prevent a large-scale insurgency in the U.S. – and do so in the transference-past, where a terrorist’s consciousness could be in any body, so everybody is a potential suspect.

Fresh off the white-hot ROCHE LIMIT and a string of highly regarded genre books, Moreci’s sci-action thriller mixes smart storytelling with intriguing twists while Salas’ sharp and stylish renderings portray a range of eras as well as characters that may be lurking below the surface… much farther down than skin deep.

“A spy story that breaks all the rules; it’s a time travel story with a twist, and one of the most innovative and exciting new comics coming to shelves this year… a bit like Jason Bourne meets Looper.” – Nerdist

“A taut, tense ‘spy-fi’ story… A simple but superb read.” – Newsarama

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