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Jade Street - Issue 4


black-mask-studios - Jade Street - Issue 4
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Created by Katy Rex & Fabian Lelay

Written by Katy Rex & Fabian Lelay

Art by Fabian Lelay

Colors by Mara Jayne Carpenter

Lettered by Taylor Esposito

Cover by Annie Wu

Full Color / Teen+ / 32 pages

Synopsis: The last installment in the Jade Street Protection Services story arc! Our favorite punk rock teen witch delinquents confront issues large and small, from the subjugation of magical girls to the best way to have food and a place to crash without a real job (hint: magical PB&J tastes like garbage and sparkles). But best of all, it’s time for the BOSS FIGHT! With their patented combination of vivid violence and emotional development, co-creators Katy Rex and Fabian Lelay bring the drama in this exciting conclusion. Colors, sparkles, and other magic from Mara Carpenter, letters and personal therapy from Taylor Esposito, cover by Annie Wu.

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