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Beautiful Canvas - Issue 3


black-mask-studios - Beautiful Canvas - Issue 3
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Writer: Ryan K Lindsay

Artist: Sami Kivela

Colorist: Triona Farrell

Letterer: Ryan Ferrier

Full Color / Mature Readers / 32 pages

Synopsis: It’s been a big week for Lon Eisley as she’s transitioned from accepting money to kill people, to saving one kid’s life, to now having to save an entire city from the machinations of a billionaire wannabe Bond villain just looking for a way to vent her desire for more street art featuring burnt skin and boiled blood. When there are no good choices left, your only option is to look good making the worst ones, right?

From Sami Kivela [CHUM] & Ryan K Lindsay [NEGATIVE SPACE, and DC Writers Workshop] comes a gonzo dystopian tale of pyrokinetic sleeper agents, bitter exes, and beautiful art.

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