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Illustrated by Eric Zawadzki

Written by Ryan K Lindsay

Colored by Dee Cunniffe

Full Color | Mature Readers | Oversized 8.25×11” ‘European-style’ bande-desinee prestige bookshelf edition | 68 Pages



A group of isolated shieldmaidens protect their village against a tide of men who think they can seize land from them. Vif takes her band of women off viking to quell the advances of a loitering mystical scumbag, Bjarte. But some battles rage on inside us long after the field is empty, and some opponents won’t ever stay down. Eternal is a haunting story of how vulnerable you make yourself when trying to protect everything around you.

This oversized bande dessinee graphic novella is a love letter to brutal violence and eternal emotions. With hyperdetailed art and gorgeous fluid motion from artist Eric Zawadzki [hot off THE DREGS], this story will be one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking things you will read this year. Written by Ryan K Lindsay, known for marrying emotion to genre in BEAUTIFUL CANVAS and the award winning NEGATIVE SPACE, this self-contained story is aimed to be a boutique item for your shelves, and a gateway gift to others you know and love.

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