Run For Your Life - CD


epitaph-records - Run For Your Life - CD
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  1. The Sermon II 0:55
  2. Rue Morgue Radio 2:43
  3. Demon Lover 3:14
  4. Run For Your Life 3:53
  5. Buried Alive 3:01
  6. Take My Hand 2:09
  7. You’ll Come Crawlin’ 3:27
  8. Dearly Departed 2:35
  9. Rock ‘n’ Roll Sweetheart 2:51
  10. Long Way Down 3:26
  • Formed in the dirty back alleys and dive bars of Toronto, Ontario in 2005, THE CREEPSHOW has redefined the saying “No Rest For The Wickedâ€?. Since their inception, the band has brought their genre-defying blend of country-tinged, psycho punk rock n’ roll to over 25 countries worldwide with plans to conquer many more as soon as possible. Fronted by the fiery Sarah “SINâ€? Blackwood (guitar/vox) and backed by the swarthy Sean “Sick Boyâ€? McNab (stand-up bass/vox), The Reverend McGinty (sermons/organ/vox) and the righteous Matt “Pomadeâ€? Gee (drums), THE CREEPSHOW is an explosion of live energy that is a tasty treat for the ears and eyes alike… Whatever you do, don’t you dare write them off as just another psychobilly band. While their lyrics draw inspiration from b-movies and early horror films, they’re also full of intriguing insight and personal stories dealing with everything from addiction to anxiety to love gone terribly, terribly wrong.