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epitaph-records - 2004-2013 CD
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Bring Me The Horizon – 2004-2013 CD

Track list:

  1. Traitors Never Play Hang-Man (This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For)
  2. Pray for Plagues (Count Your Blessings)
  3. Diamonds Aren’t Forever (Suicide Season)
  4. The Sadness Will Never End (Suicide Season)
  5. Chelsea Smile (Suicide Season)
  6. The Comedown (Suicide Season)
  7. Blessed With A Curse (There Is A Hell…)
  8. It Never Ends (There Is A Hell…)
  9. Don’t Go (There is a Hell…)
  10. Crucify Me (There Is A Hell…)
  11. Shadow Moses (Sempiternal)
  12. Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake (Sempiternal)
  13. Can You Feel My Heart (Sempiternal)
  14. Sleepwalking (Sempiternal)
  15. Anti-Vist (Sempiternal)

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