Barely Legal LP (Bronze 180g)


epitaph-records - Barely Legal LP (Bronze 180g)
Vinyl ($24.99)

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The Hives – Barely Legal LP (Bronze 180g)

Back in print to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album. This is a European import.

Track list:

Side A

  1. Well, Well, Well
  2. A.k.a. I-D-I-O-T
  3. Here We Go Again
  4. I’m A Wicked One
  5. Automatic Schmuck
  6. King Of Asskissing
  7. Hail Hail Spit N’ Drool
  8. Black Jack

Side B

  1. What’s That Spell?... Go To Hell!
  2. Theme From…
  3. Uptempo Venomous Poison
  4. Oh Lord! When? How?
  5. The Stomp
  6. Closed For The Season

Contains a download card.