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epitaph-records - Everything Collide - CD
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  1. Sugar Sweet – 2:59
  2. Thunderstorms – 3:48
  3. Here With You – 3:04
  4. Only One – 3:22
  5. Addicted To When You‘re Gone – 3:12
  6. Shadows – 3:22
  7. Believe in Me – 4:07
  8. Light it Up – 3:12
  9. Letting Go – 4:05
  10. I Can’t – 2:44
  11. Wonder Why – 3:27

This Bundle Includes

  • “Everything Collide” CD with a digital download.

2010’s most anticipated pop-rock group Sing It Loud will release their long awaited sophomore album, Everything Collide, on May 4 via Epitaph Records. Featuring eleven anthemic pop rock hits like “Sugar Sweet,” “Addicted To When You’re Gone” and “Light It Up,” Everything Collide combines the band’s memorable lyrics and sweet melodies with rock infused guitars and bounding rhythm on the perfect soundtrack for coming of age in an endless summer.


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