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Side A

  1. Memories
  2. Ruling Me
  3. Trainwrecks
  4. Unspoken
  5. Where’s My Sex?

Side B

  1. Run Away
  2. Hang On
  3. Smart Girls
  4. Brave New World
  5. Time Flies

The influential and Grammy-winning Weezer has always kept the world on its toes. Whether it’s a groundbreaking video tribute to “Happy Days” or the Muppets, a break from the band to attend Harvard, a controversial moustache or a flying dog appearing on the cover, Weezer is never predictable. So when the multiplatinum band teamed up with Epitaph to release their eight album Hurley the band found a way to surprise the world yet again.

Recorded with no label in mind, Hurley is a high-energy Weezer album. Rivers Cuomo stated “you can just hear the sound of people going into the studio and pressing ‘record’ and rocking. There’s just an insane amount of energy.” (Spin.com). There are collaborations with everyone from Ryan Adams to Elvis Presley collaborator Mac Davis and, according to Cuomo, “There’s no Lil Wayne on it.” The result is a breath of fresh air both in Weezer’s canon and music in general. The mix of 60’s pop, a wall of guitars with lyrics that are both abstract and personal is at the core of what made Weezer a household name. When was Weezer just able to write and record Weezer songs with no outside influence? It’s been a while and this is the spirited result.


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