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epitaph-records - They All Fall Down - CD
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  1. The Sermon III - 0:50
  2. Get What’s Coming – 2:25
  3. Someday – 2:57
  4. They All Fall Down – 1:45
  5. Last Chance – 2:29
  6. Sleep Tight – 3:55
  7. Dusk ‘Til Dawn – 2:49
  8. Keep Dreaming – 2:57
  9. Hellbound – 2:53
  10. Going Down – 2:44
  11. Road To Nowhere – 11:50

Formed in the dirty back alleys and dive bars of Toronto, Ontario in 2005, THE CREEPSHOW has redefined the saying “No Rest For The Wicked.” Since their inception, the band has brought their genre-defying blend of country-tinged, psycho punk rock n’ roll to over 25 countries worldwide with plans to conquer many more as soon as possible.

In the summer of 2010, the Creepshow finally returned home to their native Toronto for the first time in a very long time. Inspired by their years of travel, hundreds of shows and slightly battered by the experience, the band entered the studio with only one thought on their collective mind-REVENGE. The resulting full-length “They All Fall Down” is by far the band’s best and most terrifying to date. From the opening explosive chords on “Get What’s Coming” to the deceptively seductive ballad “Sleep Tight” to the knock-down-drag-out punk rock title anthem, “They All Fall Down” is a full throttle hell-ride into the Creepshow’s dark and wonderful world.