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Machine 15 CD


epitaph-records - Machine 15 CD
CD ($9.99)

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  1. Machine 15
  2. Done Is Done
  3. Detox
  4. Vicious Circle
  5. Broken World
  6. Come On
  7. Centerpiece
  8. Who’s Laughing Now
  9. Brand New Game
  10. Ducks & Drakes
  11. Turnkey Paradise
  12. Route One
  13. Danger For Stranger
  14. Saved By Hell
  15. End Piece

Millencolin’s Seventh studio album . After almost 20 years, Millencolin still packs a punk punch p. ” Machine 15 certainly doesn’t disappoint. Well maybe those fans who want another Pennybridge Pioneers. But who cares about them. Millencolin continue to develop their sound and they’ve shown that the Machine isn’t even getting close to stopping.“- Sputnik Music

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