Young Machetes - 2xCD


epitaph-records - Young Machetes - 2xCD
2xCD ($10.99)

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Disc 1

  1. Set Fire to the Face on Fire
  2. We Ride Skeletal Lightning
  3. Laser Life
  4. Camouflage, Camouflage
  5. You‘re the Dream Unicorn
  6. Vital Beach
  7. Spit Shine Your Black Clouds
  8. 1, 2, 3, 4 Guitars
  9. Lift the Veil, Kiss the Tank
  10. Nausea Shreds Yr Head
  11. Rat Rider
  12. Johnny Ripper
  13. Huge Gold AK-47
  14. Street Wars/Exotic Foxholes
  15. Giant Swan –

Disc 2

  1. Laser Life – Nick Zinner Remix (off the Set Fire To The Face On Fire single)
  2. Nausea Shreds Yr Head – Gajamagic remix (off the Set Fire To The Face On Fire single)
  3. Street Wars/Exotic Foxholes – Gajamagic remix (off the Laser Life single)
  4. We Ride Skeletal Lightning – Live (KXLU 2006)
  5. Laser Life – Live (KXLU 2006)
  6. Camouflage, Camouflage – Live (KXLU 2006)
  7. Lift the Veil, Kiss the Tank – Live (KXLU 2006)
  8. Vital Beach – Live (KXLU 2006)
  9. You‘re the Dream Unicorn! – Live (KXLU 2006)
  10. Giant Swan – Live (KXLU 2006)
  • Laser Life – video (enhanced portion)
    • Set Fire To The Face On Fire – video (enhanced portion)

    The closing chapter of the Blood Brothers story, Young Machetes provides a cataclysmic bookend to the band’s frenetic career. Now re-issued with the full album and an additional CD that is more than an album’s worth of bonus material and enhanced footage, Young Machetes can be documented for what it truly is-a defining modern classic.

    “Few other acts can pull in some of their early career traits that were so desirable to begin with and fully avoid making it sound like rehashing, but with Young Machetes this and more is accomplished. No question, one of the band’s top efforts; highly recommended.” – Punknews