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epitaph-records - Fake History CD & Womens Shirt
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  1. Le Prologue
  2. The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion
  3. Renegade 86’
  4. Enemies {{[Enemigos]}}
  5. Casino Columbus
  6. Muther
  7. Homeless Jazz
  8. We The Pros Of Con
  9. H. Ledger
  10. Over Being Under
  11. Day 54
  12. Hollywood, And She Did
  13. Lemon Party
  14. This Mime {{[A Sex Symbol]}}

This Bundle Includes

  • Fake History CD
  • Fake History womens slimfit shirt.
  • Fake History digital download

A band unlike anything in the current music world, Letlive is a hybrid, genre-defying band that breathes fresh air into music, not just hardcore, “post-hardcore” or any other fractured category you try to assign to them. The SoCal quintet’s 2010 album Fake History was so attention grabbing that after catching the ear of Epitaph, the label wasted no time in re-releasing it worldwide. The original album has three additional tracks added and has been remastered with new artwork giving this sonic breakthrough the attention it deserves.


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