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frank-iero - 3xLP Vinyl Bundle
3xLP Vinyl Bundle ($49.99)

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This bundle includes:

-Frank Iero And The Patience – Parachutes LP (White)

Limited to 2,000 copies

  1. Wold Destroyer
  2. Veins! Veins!! Veins
  3. I’m a Mess
  4. They Wanted Darkness…
  5. I’ll Let You Down
  6. Remedy
  7. Dear Percocet, I don’t Think We Should See Each Other Anymore.
  8. Miss Me
  9. Oceans
  10. The Resurrectionist, or An Existential Crisis in C#
  11. Viva Indifference
  12. 9-6-15

-Death Spells – nothing above, nothing below LP (White Smoke)

-Death Spells – nothing above, nothing below LP (Burgundy Smoke)

Track List

  1. diluted
  2. why is love so disastrous?
  3. hate unconditional
  4. choke on one another
  5. where are my fucking pills?
  6. quaainterlude
  7. end of life
  8. hell all-american
  9. hypnotic spells
  10. fantastic bastards
  11. underneath it all
  12. i don’t know much, but i know i loathe you