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Handwritten Lyric Sheet


screeching-weasel - Handwritten Lyric Sheet
Let Go ($99.99)
Science Of Myth ($99.99)
Cool Kids ($99.99)
What We Hate ($99.99)
My Right ($99.99)
Your Name Is Tattooed On My Heart ($99.99)
Supermarket Fantasy ($99.99)
My Brain Hurts ($99.99)
Hey Suburbia ($99.99)
Acknowledge ($99.99)
First Day Of Summer ($99.99)
You'll Be In My Dreams Today ($99.99)
It's All In My Head ($99.99)
Second Floor East ($99.99)
Totally ($99.99)
Every Night ($99.99)
Six Percent ($99.99)

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Handwritten Lyric Sheet

These original handwritten lyric sheets were done and signed by Ben. He found some time to sit down and write these out to some of your favorite Screeching Weasel songs. These are all unique, imperfections and all.

Limited quantities available for each song.

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