An American Paradox LP (Black)


strung-out - An American Paradox LP (Black)
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Strung Out – An American Paradox LP (Black)

Track listing:

  1. Velvet Alley
  2. Kill Your Scene
  3. Alien Amplifier
  4. Cult of the Subterranean
  5. Lubricating the Revolution
  6. The Kids
  7. UnKoil
  8. Contender
  9. Satellite
  10. An American Paradox
  11. Dig
  12. Razor Sex
  13. Cemetery

This Album was released in April of 2002 and it took a progressive mix of technique oriented music along with some pop overtones to create this further step into the constant challenge of pushing their music limitations. The end result? A quite diverse album that debuted on the Billboard top 200 charts making it the bands quickest seller.