The Fury Of The Aquabats Remastered 2xLP (Red)


the-aquabats - The Fury Of The Aquabats Remastered 2xLP (Red)
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The Aquabats – Fury Of The Aquabats 2xLP (Red)

Due to overwhelming super rad demand, the first press is sold out! We added red vinyl as our second press. Limited to 1,000 copies!

  1. Super Rad!
  2. Red Sweater!
  3. Magic Chicken!
  4. Fight Song!
  5. Cat With Two Heads!
  6. The Story of Nothing!
  7. Captain Hampton and the Midget Pirates!
  8. Martian Girl!
  9. Attacked by Snakes!
  10. Idiot Box!
  11. Powdered Milk Man!
  12. My Skateboard!
  13. Phantasma del Mar!
  14. Lobster Bucket!
  15. Theme Song!
  16. Playdough!

This purchase includes a digital download of the album. You will be emailed a link to access your download on the release date.

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