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_Songs About Time_ is an amazing collection of songs, performed by The Rentals, that any fan should own. This 4 CD set (42 tracks of music) are housed in a 6-panel, cloth bound, rigid CD case. Songs About Time also includes an art booklet that features 56 pages of lyrics to all songs. You will also receive an email that has a download link for a digital version of all the albums. That email will be sent to you after purchase.

Track Listings:

The Story Of A Thousand Seasons Past:

  1. Song Of Remembering
  2. A Thousand Seasons Past
  3. All I Have
  4. Seven Years
  5. Thought Of Sound
  6. Fall Into The Eve
  7. Colorado
  8. A Thousand Seasons Past (Spanish Version)

The Future:

  1. A Rose Is A Rose
  2. Irrational Things
  3. Traces Of Our Tears
  4. The Future
  5. Stardust
  6. Borrow Each Other
  7. Honey Life
  8. A Rose Is A Rose (Japanese Version)

It’s Time To Come Home:

  1. It’s Time To Come Home
  2. No Desire #2
  3. Girls Of The Metro
  4. Late Night Confessions
  5. One Last Prayer
  6. A Otra Cosa Mariposa
  7. Damaris
  8. Late Night Confessions (French Version)

Tokyo Blues:

  1. October Thirteen
  2. February Twenty Four
  3. March Ten | Part Two
  4. November Twenty Four
  5. September Eight
  6. December One
  7. November Ten
  8. June Two
  9. February Ten
  10. January Twenty
  11. March Ten | Part One
  12. March Three
  13. December Thirty One
  14. July Twenty Eight
  15. July Twenty One
  16. May Twelve
  17. February Three
  18. October Twenty Seven

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