Tim Heidecker's Theater Of Magic - CD


tim-and-eric - Tim Heidecker's Theater Of Magic - CD
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Tim Heidecker’s Theater Of Magic – CD

The slightly hard to find “Theatre of Magic: The Original Cast Recording.” Drawing upon the time-honored themes of good vs. evil, inspiration vs. perspiration and rock vs. roll, this medieval tale is a sonic journey for the mind as well as the ears. And above all, it ROCKS. In short, the Brave Knight Brinsley LePour (Tim Heidecker), the Prince of Pan (Ken Tuckitt) and the evil Warlock (Sonny D.) take the listener back to the times of yore—when sword fights and dragon dances were performed with Les Pauls, Marshall stacks, very large drum sets and a well-stocked arsenal of sound effects CDs. Beautifully captured in stereophonic sound, this astounding full-length debut has everything from Steinway grand pianos to searing guitar leads to the 8-minute epic culmination “Theatre of Magic (Reprise).”

  1. Theatre of Magic
  2. Prince of Prince
  3. (Most) Beautiful Kind of Magic
  4. Where Do We Go? (Save Our Souls)
  5. Evil Is My Game
  6. Gotta Be Brave
  7. I Have the Power
  8. Bow Down
  9. Dragon Dance
  10. Rejoice!
  11. Theatre of Magic (Reprise)