Dr. Steve Brule Mothers Day Card


tim-and-eric - Dr. Steve Brule Mothers Day Card
Mommy's Day Card ($5)

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Tim and Eric Dr. Steve Brule Mothers Day Card

Mommy’s Day

Dearest Mother of Me (_______)

When I was a lil tot you told me the words, That would teach me the ways of the bees and the birds,

Now I’m a BIG (boy or girl circle one) but still need your love, But out of the nest you gave me a shove. I fell out and broke my dang wing, Momm‘ys don’t know everything…..

Told you. It’s ok though Mommy. You‘re still my best Mommy who is the only one who I still love after all these years and give kiss on the mouth.

Love you VERY much,

(_____) & Dr. Steven Brule (who also loves you like a dang son)

This card also includes an envelope

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