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watain - Blood and Spirit DVD
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A Claudio Marino Film

Blood and Spirit

Ink, Blood and Spirit – The story of the artist Little Swastika and his niche, controversial tattoo style, plus trying to reclaim back the swastika to the state it initially was intended; as a symbol of peace

Fight, Blood and Spirit – The story of Magnus “Jycken” Cedenblad and his preparation to fight in the UFC.

Music, Blood and Spirit – Although mainstream now, the black metal music scene was a small but violent underground movement in the middle of the 90’s. With the inception of Venom and Bathory, the second wave of black metal hailed from Norway and was the result of a lot of controversy. Erik “E” Danielsson is the creative mind behind Watain, a Swedish black metal act reaping success not only among fans but also in the public eye.

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