Tour Survival Pack


ziggy-marley - Tour Survival Pack
iPhone XS Case Bundle ($49.99)
iPhone XR Case Bundle ($49.99)
Samsung Galaxy 10 Case Bundle ($49.99)

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This bundle includes:

– Ziggy Phone Case (iPhone 10 + Galaxy S 10)

Protect your phone with our new phone cases, a part of the Ziggy tour survival pack. Available for the iPhone 10 and Galaxy S 10.

– Ziggy Marley Zippo Lighter

New in Ziggy’s tour survival pack, the Fly Rasta flip style lighter! Note this does not ship with lighter fluid.

– Ziggy Marley Lion Power Bank

Also new to Ziggy’s tour survival pack, keep your phones and tablets charged all day long. this pocket sized power bank includes two USB charging portals and a built in flashlight.