Discography 03-13 (Cassette)


acxdc - Discography 03-13 (Cassette)
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A1Dumb N Dumbshit

A2Death Spare Not The Tiger

A3Antichrist Demoncore

A4Jack Trippin’

A5Wookies Have Feelings Too

A6We Kill Christians

A7Turtle Power

A8Sexual Fantasies With Biblical Figures

B9Milk Was A Bad Choice

B10No Fly Zone


B12Jokes On You

B13T-Shirt Time

B14Fuck It Dood… Lets Go Bowling

B15Eye In The Sky





B20Untitled (Instrumental)

B21Bone Claw


B23Fiction Monger

C24Untitled (Live)

C25Milk Was A Bad Choice (Live)

C26T-Shirt Time (Live)

C27Turtle Power (Live)

C28Trolls (Live)

C29Loathe (Live)

C30Fiction Monger (Live)

C31Eye In The Sky (Live)

C32Worthless (Live)

C33Crux (Live)

C34Leech (Live)

C35We Kill Christians (Live)

C36Broken//Fixed (Live)

C37Bone Claw (Live)

C38Death Spare Not The Tiger (Live)

C39Fuck It Dood… Let’s Go Bowling (Live)

C40Jokes On You (Live)

D41Sword Of The Lord (Live With Chris Dodge)

D42Milk Was A Bad Choice

D43T-Shirt Time

D44Eye In The Sky

D45Jack Trippen

D46Sexual Fantasies WIth Biblical Figures

D47Wookies Have Feelings Too

D48We Kill Christians

D49Dumb N Dumbshit

D50Death Spare Not The Tiger

D51Turtle Power