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anti-records - You Are Not Alone - CD
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  1. Don’t Knock – 2:30
  2. You Are Not Alone – 3:57
  3. Downward Road – 3:08
  4. In Christ There Is No East Or West – 3:35
  5. Creep Along Moses – 2:57
  6. Losing You – 2:51
  7. I Belong To The Band – 3:30
  8. Last Train – 4:29
  9. Only The Lord Knows – 3:43
  10. Wrote A Song For Everyone – 3:47
  11. We’re Gonna Make It – 3:27
  12. Wonderful Savior – 2:04
  13. Too Close / On My Way To Heaven – 5:09

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and soul/gospel legend Mavis Staples delivers more wall-to-wall joy on her triumphant new Anti- album, You Are Not Alone (September 14), than any other release you’re likely to hear this year.

Produced by fellow Chicagoan Jeff Tweedy at Wilco’s studio The Loft, the intimate and textured production showcases the iconic singer at her most powerful and fervent. You Are Not Alone mixes traditional gospel numbers with two new songs written for Mavis by Tweedy, plus her unique interpretations of songs by Pops Staples, Randy Newman, Allen Toussaint, John Fogerty, Rev. Gary Davis and Little Milton.


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