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anti-records - A Girl Called Eddy - CD
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  1. Tears All over Town
  2. Kathleen
  3. Girls Can Really Tear You up Inside
  4. Long Goodbye
  5. Somebody Hurt You
  6. People Used to Dream About the Future
  7. Heartache
  8. Life Thru the Same Len
  9. Did You See the Moon Tonight?
  10. Little Bird
  11. Golden

The debut album from the singer Erin Moran-co-produced by Pulp guitarist Richard Hawley. With a soulful voice that is not only accomplished but intimate, A Girl Called Eddy’s debut is a sign of things to come.

“This is a surprisingly accomplished debut album—dignified, literate, and well-observed. Its mellow, relaxed pace may sound perfect for late-night listening, but A Girl Called Eddy will command your attention“- Amazon

“Among the album’s highlights are the dense blare and carefully articulated bile of ‘‘The Long Goodbye‘’ and the languid jangle and stoic yearning of ‘‘Tears All Over Town‘’ (in which she’s ‘‘scattered like newspapers all over the street‘‘). Once she gets her old-school jones fully out of her system, Eddy could truly be what the world—or the pop one, anyway—needs now.” – *Entertainment Weekly