Ersi Arvizu - Friend For Life CD


anti-records - Ersi Arvizu - Friend For Life CD
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  1. Windows of Dreams
  2. El Arbol
  3. En El Tambo
  4. Mi India
  5. Sin Tu Querer
  6. Friend For Life
  7. In The Closet
  8. Soledad (Ya No Puede Ser)
  9. Angel De Mil Voces
  10. Mil Besos
  11. Cruisin’ To The Hop
  12. Dichoso

Ersi Arvizu was on vacation in Hawaii a few years ago when she heard that producer Ry Cooder was looking for her. 30 years after her long-gone glory days as lead singer of El Chicano, the 1970s East L.A. band was famous for the version of the classic old bolero “Sabor a Mi.” Arvizu was in no mood to get back in the business.

Friend For Life is Arvizu’s life story strung into a dozen songs – sung both in Spanish and English – songs of love, despair, and survival. A recording that’s both intimately personal and dance floor approachable, this is a testament to talent and the will of art.