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anti-records - I Stand Alone - CD
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  1. Engine 143
  2. Arthritis Blues
  3. Old Blue
  4. Driving Nails in My Coffin
  5. Rake & Ramblin’ Boy
  6. Hong Kong Blues
  7. Jean Harlow
  8. Call Me a Dog
  9. Careless Darling
  10. Mr. Garfield
  11. My Old Dog & Me
  12. Leaving Cheyenne
  13. Remember Me
  14. Willy Moore
  15. Honey, Where You Been So Long?
  16. Woody’s Last Ride

An intimate gem of a recording – like a poem – a classic Ramblin’ Jack run-on sentence I Stand Alone could not be more appropriately titled. The freewheeling, well-traveled singer is one of the final archetypal representatives of America’s underground folk tradition, a self-made wayfarer whose fifty-plus years of experience resonates through every tune captured here. The consummate song collector, Elliott has assembled a full deck of titles characterized by a wild mixture of graphic imagery, old time sentiment and Americana tradition. An intimate experience recorded by one of America’s original folk icons.

“_I Stand Alone_ is a folk album of striking purity and adherence to the traditions of his mentor Woody Guthrie. Prefixes would be superfluous in describing its sound, really, and at odds with its simplicity. the quality and the spirit of I Stand Alone reveal why Elliott has been and continues to be such an influential figure.” – Slant Magazine