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Track List

  1. Revelate
  2. Star Star
  3. Lay Me Down
  4. God Bless Mom
  5. What Happens When the Heart Just Stops
  6. Rent Day Blues
  7. Pavement Tune
  8. Stars are Underground
  9. Santa Maria
  10. Perfect Opening Line
  11. Your Face
  12. Fitzcarraldo
  13. The Blood

Set List contains optimum performances of songs culled from The Frames’ four album repertoire, honed and refined over 14 years of intense, elating and near-legendary live shows. This was the first album by the band to reach #1 in the Irish Album Charts. The sense of profound connection forged between the band and its audience has often been compared to the evangelical feeling at shows by Springsteen and U2 —albeit with more skewed sensibilities—and it’s there for the hearing on Set List: in the indoor fireworks of ‘Revelate’ and ‘God Bless Mum‘; in the audience’s full-throated contribution to the warped earthenware folk of ‘Lay Me Down‘; in the rambling, poignant and funny monologue that prefaces the aching ‘When The Heart Just Stops‘; in a version of the epic ‘Fitzcarraldo’ so incendiary one of the guitar amps went up in flames.