Burn The Maps - CD


anti-records - Burn The Maps - CD
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  1. Happy
  2. Finally
  3. Dream Awake
  4. A Caution to the Birds
  5. Trying
  6. Fake
  7. Sideways Down
  8. Underglass
  9. Ship Caught in the Bay
  10. Keepsake
  11. Suffer in Silence
  12. Locusts

Just because The Frames are the BIGGEST band in Ireland (even rivaling U2), doesn’t mean they rest on their laurels in the rest of the world. Over the last few years, they have built an impressive North American fan base from scratch. The Frames put on an incredible dynamic live show and their constant touring both on their own and with DAMIEN RICE, CALEXICO and THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS has paid off to the point where they sell out large clubs in all of the major cities.

Burn The Maps is their first studio album for Anti and it is also their most cohesive. Until now, The Frames’ music favoured bi-polar swings, violently loud on one song, violently quiet the next. On Burn The Maps, their fifth studio album, the band have reconciled their various personalities into one volatile organism, synthesizing gorgeous melancholy with full-blown anger.

“The Frames sing about love and death and revelation. They pick folky ballads full of quiet longing; they seethe and mourn; they build crescendos and taper down to fiddle tunes and build again, making hearts surge every time“—*NY Times*