If I Could Only Fly - CD


anti-records - If I Could Only Fly - CD
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  1. Wishin’ All These Old Things Were New
  2. Honky Tonky Mama
  3. Turn To Me
  4. If I Could Only Fly
  5. Crazy Moon
  6. Bareback
  7. Lullaby
  8. I’m Still Your Daddy
  9. Proud To Be Your Old Man
  10. Leaving’s Getting’ Harder
  11. Uncle John
  12. Listening To The Wind

Maverick country singer Merle Haggard represents an unusual intersection in American music, a crossroads where folk, pop, jazz and blues traditions are used to create his own soul-baring form of expression. With an impressive 39 #1 country hits, numerous awards and a canon of songs unmatched in country music, Merle Haggard is clearly a powerful, individuated force.

-“If I Could Only Fly” re-defines his artistic stance and establishes a new standard by which to measure his work. This is a labor of intense emotion—reflective, exultant, pained and elegiac—a frank, often intimate collection of moments and attitudes that reflect the complex mind and sweep of influences that have always characterized this restless genius.

“All the songs emanate from a single persona, an aging, cloistered singer (Haggard is in his sixties) whose routine—avoiding drugs, taking comfort from cushioned bus seats, being honest with his kids—is all he has” 4/5 – Rolling Stone