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anti-records - Blood From Stars - CD
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  1. Prelude: Light No Lamp When the Sun Comes Down
  2. The Man I Keep Hid
  3. Channel
  4. This Is My Favorite Cage
  5. Death to the Storm
  6. All Blues Hail Mary
  7. Bellwether
  8. Progress of Love (Dark Ground)
  9. Over Her Shoulder
  10. Suit on a Frame
  11. Truce
  12. Stars
  13. Coda: Light No Lamp When the Sun Comes Down

For more than two decades as a solo artist and Grammy-winning producer, Joe Henry has worked with some of the most celebrated names in music, including Ornette Coleman, Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint, T-Bone Burnett, Don Byron, Solomon Burke, Brad Mehldau, Madonna, and Ani DiFranco. Blood From Stars is the dynamic, sprawling new album and in addition to all the desperate beauty and hypnotic vamping, the lush arrangements and seductive songlines: you get the sudden and thrilling illumination of places you’ve never been, but are somehow intimately familiar.

“Ultimately, Blood from Stars is the most sophisticated, redemptive, and romantic album Henry’s cut; the love songs are simply raggedly breathtaking. It reflects an America that wasn’t so much lost as consciously wiped away near the end of the 20th century.” All Music Guide

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