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  1. Alley Flowers
  2. All the Morning Birds
  3. Roll my Blues
  4. Black Hand Blues
  5. December, 1999
  6. I Wanna Die
  7. Demon Lover Improv
  8. Catalpa Waltz
  9. The Littlest Birds
  10. Wandering Angus
  11. Periphery Waltz
  12. Ghost Waltz

The debut album that started with the most humble beginnings until word of mouth spread the word to Anti-. Catalpa showcases Holland with her voice that attempts to transcend the new and encompass the old through the medium of American music. Like Ralph Stanley told her, “I don’t even know what bluegrass music is—I consider myself a soul singer.” So, yes, its the blues, and the tunes our grandparents hummed on unpaved highways, but its the same songs that coaxed tears out of the punk rock boy at the bar. The ladies swayed, the street kids hooted with bright eyes, the hip hop composer un-selfconsciously slipped his hand over his heart, and your momma tapped her foot. New time old time: spooky American fairytales.

“Her images are rich, though stark and Gothic; they sound transposed. While her worldview is mostly modern, its articulation is rooted in a mythical, metonymic America that ceased to exist long before Greil Marcus ever thought about writing Invisible Republic“- All Music Guide