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  1. Sascha
  2. Black Stars
  3. Old Fashioned Morphine
  4. Amen
  5. Mad Tom of Bedlam
  6. Poor Girl’s Blues
  7. Goodbye California
  8. Do You?
  9. Darlin Ukelele
  10. Damn Shame
  11. Tiny Idyll/Lil Missy
  12. Faded Coat of Blue

The proper “debut” album from Holland (if you‘re one of those that don’t count the demo turned album via word of mouth of Catalpa), she is not as heavy on the Gothic southern images and architectures, but an American traditionalist who uses history as the framework for her new direction. Deep, historic, yet unavoidably modern-Holland takes the past and plays it into the modern world.

“Jolie rewards with a listening experience that is singular, startling, and soulful.“- All Music Guide