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Circle - CD


anti-records - Circle - CD
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  1. Intro
  2. Bastards and Makeup
  3. Pope Man
  4. Philosophies with Strange Ideas
  5. Monkeys and Guns
  6. The Crusades
  7. Jesus in Religion Pt. 1
  8. Americans
  9. Jesus in Religion Pt. 2
  10. Jesus and the Dinosaurs
  11. The Awesome Universe
  12. Talk to the Animals
  13. Mad European Cows
  14. Hatred and Sharks
  15. Greeks
  16. Alternative Olympics
  17. Highlights of History
  18. World War II
  19. Jesus and Man
  20. The Future

In his native England, Eddie Izzard has been called, “the greatest British stand-up comedian…of his generation,” The LA Times Says: “He walks onstage to the roaring tumult usually reserved for rock stars and soon has the audience busting a gut about the Spanish Inquisition and chaos theory. Such is the phenomenon of Eddie Izzard, funniest man, in, well, pretty much all of the known universe.” Now you can catch Eddie Izzard with Circle a comedy concert experience you’ll never forget!

“Izzard still proves that nothing is off limits, including himself. He has a great sense of when a joke works or does not work and thinks well on toes as he obviously strays from his set script on several occasions.” Kevchino

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