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anti-records - Unrepeatable - CD
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  1. Are You Happy With Your Wash?
  2. Bunch Of Flowers
  3. Afghanistan
  4. Shouting In English
  5. Cats And Dogs
  6. Transvestite
  7. Bloke In A Dress
  8. Does He Eat Crisps?
  9. Religion
  10. Great Escape
  11. Birds
  12. Fish & Goats & Swimming
  13. Bees And Wasps
  14. Horror Movies
  15. Starship Enterprise

“Unrepeatable” was recorded at the Albery Theatre in March of 1994 for a limited sold-out engagement of seven weeks, where he played to 34,000 fans. He won rave reviews all around. According to the UK national daily The Independent: “If all the awards and nominations have gone to his head, Izzard’s performance does not show it. When he pulls up in mid-flow there is the same sense you get with Robin Williams sometimes, of the audience racing to catch up with a mind that moves too quickly for them.” Subjects comprised in this one-man show include: “New Improved Dyslexia,” “Bizarre Wash,” “Secret Magicians,” “Dopey Politicians,” “Jumpy Spiders,” “Men In Dresses,” “God’s Creatures,” “Aqua Zimmer Frame,” “Horror Movies,” “Star Trek” and “Do Earwigs Make Chutney?”