Food In The Belly - CD


anti-records - Food In The Belly - CD
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  1. The Letter
  2. Messages
  3. Pockets Of Peace
  4. Energy Song
  5. Fortune Teller
  6. The Mother
  7. Food In The Belly
  8. My Missing
  9. Man
  10. Connie’s Song
  11. Famine
  12. Generation Fade

Australian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Xavier Rudd is a one of a kind artist with a clear vision, personality, and an independent attitude. His original live performances have helped him build an international reputation literally with his own hands and feet. From his bare soles on a wooden resonator box to the breath humming in his yidakis (didgeridoos), his work resonates from the ground up and the inside out. Xavier Rudd has developed one of the most passionate and rapidly spreading grassroots audiences of recent times and his original live performances has won him what others take a lifetime of marketing schemes to accomplish.

“A fabulous album with much to offer musically, spiritually and thematically, this is one surfer dude who found his true calling on and beyond the waves.“- All Music Guide