As If We Existed - CD


anti-records - As If We Existed - CD
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  1. Pledge of Resonance
  2. Property & Malt Liquor
  3. As if We Existed
  4. Mark it Place
  5. Ask Me if I Care
  6. Black Guy Peace
  7. Choices
  8. Berlin
  9. Beautiful Catastrophe
  10. Ur Turn
  11. All too Common
  12. Our 2 Cents

Just when you thought everything has been done, As If We Existed offers a totally fresh and unique take on Hip Hop. Virtuosic glitchy beats that can still make your head nod; soaring, jazzy vocals, and thought-provoking raps, make this the soulful surprise of the season. If you’ve seen them on tour with notables like KRS-One, Lyrics Born, Ozomatli, Sage Francis, Michael Franti-you know that “SOS have undenaibly changed the way we see hip-hop over the last couple years.” (*San Francisco Examiner*)

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