Animals In The Dark - CD


anti-records - Animals In The Dark - CD
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  1. Mutiny
  2. Who Stole the soul
  3. Johnny law
  4. Old devils
  5. Hell or high water
  6. There’s hope for you
  7. Hard times
  8. Lifetime underground
  9. Let the rain come in
  10. A good day to die

William Elliott Whitmore naturally bridges the Americana music scene which embraces his sound and the Midwestern DIY rock movement which holds him as one of their own. With a timeless and classic songwriting and mastery of the acoustic guitar and banjo fully evident on his previous albums, Whitmore took a step in a new direction by putting the songs into full arrangements and a band context for the first time. The results are a more expansive, cultivated sound, without losing any of the palpable soul that has garnered the 30 year old such critical acclaim. He has toured with a roster as wide and varied as Converge to Lucero-he’s played hardcore and punk festivals and bluegrass festivals. Whitmore is a growing, rare artist in American music.

“Whitmore’s baritone is a magnificent, even frightening instrument, impossibly thick and husky, deep and somber in a defiantly ageless manner“- Slant Magazine