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Orphans 6xLP (180g Remastered) Bundle


anti-records - Orphans 6xLP (180g Remastered) Bundle
6xLP Bundle ($77.99)

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This bundle includes:

– Tom Waits – Brawlers 2xLP (180g Remastered)

– Tom Waits – Bawlers 2xLP (180g Remastered)

– Tom Waits – Bastards 2xLP (180g Remastered)

Brawlers Track List:

Side A

  1. Lie To Me
  2. LowDown
  3. 2:19
  4. Fish In The Jailhouse

Side B

  1. Bottom Of The World
  2. Lucinda
  3. Ain’t Goin’ Down To The Well
  4. Lord I’ve Been Changed

Side C

  1. Puttin’ On The Dog
  2. Road To Peace
  3. All The Time

Side D

  1. The Return Of Jackie And Judy
  2. Walk Away
  3. Sea Of Love
  4. Buzz Fledderjohn
  5. Rains On Me

Bawlers Track List:

Side A

  1. Bend Down The Branches
  2. You Can Never Hold Back Spring
  3. Long Way Home
  4. Widow’s Grove
  5. Little Drop Of Poison
  6. Shiny Things

Side B

  1. World Keeps Turning
  2. Tell It To Me
  3. Never Let Go
  4. Fannin Street

Side C

  1. Little Man
  2. It’s Over
  3. If I Have To Go
  4. Goodnight Irene
  5. The Fall Of Troy

Side D

  1. Take Care Of All My Children
  2. Down There By The Train
  3. Danny Says
  4. Jayne’s Blue Wish
  5. Young At Heart

Bastards Track List:

Side A

  1. What Keeps Mankind Alive
  2. Children’s Story
  3. Heigh Ho
  4. Army Ants
  5. Books Of Moses

Side B

  1. Bone Chain
  2. Two Sisters
  3. First Kiss
  4. Dog Door
  5. Redrum

Side C

  1. Nirvana
  2. Home I’ll Never Be
  3. Poor Little Lamb
  4. Altar Boy
  5. The Pontiac
  6. Spidey’s Wild Ride

Side D

  1. King Kong
  2. On The Road
  3. Dog Treat
  4. Missing My Son

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