My Roaring 20's LP (Transparent Blue)


cheap-girls - My Roaring 20's LP (Transparent Blue)
LP - Blue ($13)

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“CHEAP GIRLS’ second full-length is like finding a $20 bill on your walk home after having received a big pay raise at work, the proverbial icing on the cake, a second helping of your favorite dish. We all loved the 90’s influenced power-pop of Find Me A Drink Home so CHEAP GIRLS give you ten more awesome songs on My Roaring 20’s.” – Asian Man Records

Track List

  1. Sunnyside
  2. Ft. Lauderdale
  3. Hey Hey, I’m Worn Out
  4. I Had A Motorcycle
  5. Sleeping Weather
  6. Something That I Need
  7. Modern Faces
  8. Lab Technicians
  9. All My Clean Friends
  10. One & Four