We:The Guillotine LP (Blue/Gold Splatter)


early-graves - We:The Guillotine LP (Blue/Gold Splatter)
LP - Splatter ($15.99)

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Originally this release came out in 2008, but only as a CD version. This is the 2013 vinyl reissue on our own Pure Hell Records.

This is the gold/blue/white splatter version that is limited to 350 copies.

Track List

  1. Ballistics
  2. Safety Net Acrobats
  3. House
  4. First Name: William
  5. (REST)
  6. Last Name: Porter
  7. The Man In Black Fled Across The Desert
  8. Ghosts Among Us
  9. Borrowed Teeth Borrowed Claws
  10. Here There Be Monsters
  11. City Of Angels Of Nothing At All