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epitaph-records - Reggae Hit LA - CD
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  1. Work It
  2. Faster Bullet
  3. You Got 5
  4. Reconcile
  5. Reggae Hit L.A.
  6. Lets Pack Our Bags
  7. Left Red
  8. Free Time
  9. Lucky Streak
  10. Rhythm & Light
  11. Well Runs Dry (aka Free Soul)
  12. Hip To It
  13. Fire Girl
  14. Baldhead Rooster (Chapter 3)
  15. We Came To Score

The title track says it all. It reflects two concepts the band formed while touring. One: The desire to represent who they are and where they come from. Los Angeles is in their blood – the culture, the weather the complexities of the city of angels. Two: While touring the U.S. last year, The Aggrolites were stricken with the idea that they love the fact that L.A. has a reggae scene; one they can dig every week of the year and that’s worth talking about. It’s not something you can find in the heartland.

According to, “‘Reggae Hit L.A.’ is a dazzling album from start to finish. The Aggrolites have carved out their niche in the music community and planted their flag in a hybrid territory made up of some of the most soulful music around, and in doing so have crafted the perfect summer album.”