Hell Hath No Fury - CD


epitaph-records - Hell Hath No Fury - CD
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  1. Alibis 3:03
  2. Son of a Bitch 2:55
  3. Pay Up 4:02
  4. All I Want 2:17
  5. Bad Luck 1:27
  6. Brooklyn 2:10
  7. Take Me Away 3:19
  8. 1989 2:31
  9. Gin and Tonic 3:25
  10. You Got It 2:28
  11. Sin City 2:41
  12. You Don’t Know Me 2:14
  13. Hell Hath No Fury 2:25

Hell Hath No Fury is incredibly diverse but held together by an overwhelming sense of adventure and playfulness. Where a song like “Bad Luck” is breakneck fast, the title track is no less powerful but super-duper catchy. “All I Want” was co-written with Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, who signed the band to his Hellcat imprint. (“It started out as a song Tim had written for someone else, a pop singer or something, I think,” explains Liza.” He really wanted us to do one of his songs on the record and we were like, ‘Sure, why not?’ Tim and I had to sit down to make it work for this band.“).