Lonely Starts & Broken Hearts CD


epitaph-records - Lonely Starts & Broken Hearts CD
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  1. Lonely Stars & Broken Hearts
  2. Broke My Heart
  3. Another Feeling
  4. Monday Morning
  5. By My Side
  6. My Whole Life
  7. Would You Stay Now
  8. My ‘62
  9. Heart Riot
  10. Dead Red Roses
  11. Heart Of Mine
  12. My Way
  13. Wasted Time

Left Alone’s Hellcat debut combines a mixture of musical influences from Rancid and the Clash to Operation Ivy, Swingin Utters, and Elvis Costello. From the punk driven title track “Lonely Starts and Broken Hearts,” to the the heavily ska-inspired “Another Feeling,” to the homage to Elvis’ car in “My 62,” Left Alone pours every ounce of creative energy and emotion into this album.